new kind of pet store opening!

New kind of pet store opening!

By Samantha Stern, reporting from Granada hills news.

The most popular news-Tomorrow a new pet store is opening called Pets Rule. They said "they do things very diffrently and that they will change the way people take care of there pets." They plan on having lessons to teach new pet owners on pet care, offer pet training, have pet therapy time for people who have had a challenging past and other problems, volunteer oppertunities, pet rescue info, foster pet info, and so much more!

For the grand opening they will be giving away free pet treats and toys to who ever signs up to be a volunteer. When you are a volunteer at Pets Rule there are many things they teach you to do. For example, they will teach you how to train a dog to do certain tricks. Being a volunteer will also open up opportunities for you, of course you will have to be a very expierenced volunteer, but once you are you will have chances to meet famous and well experianced vets and trainers. Pets Rule say that many volunteers from there other location have gotten jobs from meeting those people.

Inside there store they will have open cages with hamsters, bunnies, birds, and guinepigs you can pet and that are up for adoption. They will also have an area for dog training and playing along with rooms where you can meet a rescue animal that u may want to adopt. They will have many different pet foods that are 100% safe for your pet to eat. They will also carry pet toys, treats, accesories, collars, tags, bathing supplies, crates, dog beds/houses, and cat trees/ cat beds. They will have a board with vet info, lost pets, trainer info, foster pet info, and any found animals that have been lost.

Many people are very excited about the opening and plan on being there first thing when it opens up. We will be there and we hope you will to! But don't worry if you can not make it we will post on how well everything went and what it was like!